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Our sportsheets doggie strap review



We received this product from Sploosh for review and this is our opinion.We always write honest unbiased reviews and Sploosh have not had any influence over us.

Company Product Description

I Like It Doggie Style, the Doggie Style enhance strap the best position just got better Finally a sex toy you can get behind. Soft, padded adjustable strap. Allows for deeper penetration. Comfortable and easy to use.



The doggie position strap arrives in average packaging, anyone who reads our reviews will know, we don’t like to spend a lot of time describing how the product arrives and like to instead talk about our first impressions. We found the strap is basic but seems well made and manufactured to a good quality. The hand  straps are well anchored and can take a good amount of weight without fear of tearing. What I would say is that this strap is smaller than we were expecting. It says the strap is adjustable but this only applies to the hand holds, not the soft padding. I am a UK size 6-8 and I found the strap fitted me perfectly but for a larger sized person I would worry that they may find this uncomfortable. Very import factor in deciding if this product is right for you. It would be great if sportsheets made this strap a little more adjustable to account for this.

What were our thoughts?

As soon as I saw this product I wanted to give it a shot. Doggie is both me and my husband’s favourite position. Okay maybe not so much him, but it’s at least his second favourite. After going at it for while I find I get sore legs or can’t keep my balance as well. We thought this strap might be a great solution to that problem. It might act as an anchor for me by allowing KD to take some of my weight.

In the description it says it can help with deeper penetration, well if that’s not a selling point then I don’t know what is Hehe.

So, we gave it a go, unfortunately for us it didn’t make the penetration any deeper, so me and KD were left a little disappointed at that. We both felt KD just holding onto my hips without the strap made for a deeper thrust. What about the quest to find a solution to my sore legs?. Well I must say I did feel more supported. It restricted me from being able to thrust which meant KD was in complete control, But i loved this. Hey what can I say I am a submissive. Hehe. It was actually very comfortable for me and I loved the soft padded material against my skin, I mean this really is super soft material. KD said the straps were easy to grip and were comfortable for him, with no rubbing.

This product is best used when on all fours on a bed or similar surface. If used standing this is more of a hindrance than a help. We gave it a shot and it just didn’t work. When used whilst standing it really throws you off balance.  if you are going to give this a try hold onto a chair or other stable surface to stop you rocking too much.this doggie strap would be great if you have problems holding the doggie position. for this reason alone i would recommend it. What i would say is that if you think out of the box and turn this on its head, it can be really fun and very useful. If you lay on your back with the strap under your bum your hips can be pulled up and into a better position. Now this does help with deeper penetration. You don’t need to thank me 😜

Overall, I probably give this a higher rating than KD and this was mainly for my own SUB reasons and loving the loss of control. It didn’t deliver on the promise to create a deeper penetration; however, it did help me with balance and discomfort. The product is priced at £15.00 from Sploosh which in our opinion is fairly priced and good value for money, especially if you have problems maintaining this position. It was definitely good to try out and I look forward to trying it with other sexual positions to see if it works for them as well. Overall For us the good old-fashioned hip hold still can’t be beaten, and will live to fight another day.

If you would like to try the sportsheets doggie position strap for yourself you can buy it HERE.

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