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How Tantric Sex Helped me be more confident


Yeah i know bit of a strange one, right? Just how did tantric sex make me more confident?

Of all the things you would think could make a woman feel more confident tantric sex is not something that would normally spring to mind. Be that as it may, it worked so well for me i felt i had to share.

About 10 years ago now, me and my husband where looking to spice up our love life and give it a boost. Looking around for ideas i stumbled across an article about tantric sex and how it can make you stronger as a couple, both mentally and physically. (if only i knew i would be a sex blogger one day, maybe i would have made note of the website address)

At that time i was at an all-time low when it came to confidence and was finding it hard to undress around KD. I was covering up a lot more often and seemed to prefer to have sex late at night, so it would be dark. I felt distant from KD, not physically but mentally, basically i think i might have lost my mojo. So coming across this article gave me something to work with, a starting place for making improvements in my sex life and in my marriage in general. Well we can all do with improvements, right?


At first KD wasn’t so sure and was going to need a bit more convincing, I was able to do research on the subject and had even purchased a tantric sex, training book, woohoo go me, proper little swat, hehe. I knew there were a few things we could start with that might warm him up to the idea.

One of the first exercises was to blindfold your partner and feed them, yeah i know this already got interesting. It was meant to be an exercise to help with trust, so you are advised to only use foods that taste good. I mean feeding your partner some foul-tasting shit wouldn’t help much with trust, so only the delicious for this task.


KD loves his food so was soon jumping on board the tantric sex train. The experience was great and we both enjoyed ourselves enough to try out the other exercises. This is when i started to get uncomfortable. Blindfolded feeding is one thing, but the next exercise made me want to puke with nerves.

Basically, i had to lay naked with my legs parted whilst KD just sat and looked at my pussy and my naked body and i was to do the same with him. This was not only difficult because of confidence issues but even although we had been together intimately for years, i don’t think either of us had ever been so exposed to each other. We were not allowed to talk just observe, i was so nervous just lying there knowing he was watching me, looking at every little part of me, lumps, bumps scars and all.

The first time was horrible for me, i felt like this was the worst thing i could have ever done for confidence. However, KD was now well up for the challenge so we continued, We had to repeat this exercise everyday over the period of a week so that’s what we done.

The tantric path

involves taking the mind and

directing it beyond the senses

Frederick Lenz

Incredibly as the weeks went on i felt more and more relaxed about it. I was no longer shy or anxious to expose myself fully to him, i could dress and undress around him comfortably. It totally changed my mindset, and now i was enjoying sex with KD more than i had before.

It amazed me how much, such a simple practice had changed my mindset, i was not only finding my confidence in the bedroom but in life. If i could be confident naked then with clothes on i thought i rocked. I was experiencing self-love for the first time in my life.

I went from a wardrobe full of baggy clothes to one which was figure hugging and more fitting with someone in their twenties.

That’s not all, practising tantric sex made me get to know KD on another level, it was like we were interconnected. I could sit and talk to him for hours on end and we were so much closer than most couples around us. Our foundations were really strong, and we found it really hard to be apart.

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We only practiced tantric sex for a few months and have never gone back to it, but in that short space of time, i really do believe it made us into the strong couple that we are today. Don’t get me wrong, i do still struggle with my confidence a little, mostly when being in new situations or meeting new people, but it’s been so much better since we tried tantric.

I now have sex in the light of day and enjoy every second, i even learned that seeing the act turns me on more so i had been seriously missing out there. I know it might not seem the most obvious solution to the problem, but tantric sex really did change the way i thought about my body and my relationship.

If you are interested in trying out tantric sex for yourself, there are lots of books on the subject as well as youtube videos and articles on the internet. Who knows maybe this practice will help your confidence too.

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  1. Elle

    February 16, 2018 at 3:49pm

    Oh wow I really loved this article! I’ve just started a tantra class and I so hope I’ll feel like you soon 🙂 xx

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    • ooohtemp

      February 16, 2018 at 10:35pm

      im sure you will really enjoy it, the way i see it is its worth a shot, who knows maybe its a common thing that it helps with confidence, although im sure a lot has changed in 10 years haha

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