Tease Lovehoney Beginners Flogger review


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Product description

Discover the exciting world of soft bondage with the Tease Flogger for beginners. An ideal choice for first time spanking, this non-intimidating whip enables a wide range of sensory exploration, from delicate tickles to spine-tingling lashes. We’ve created this flogger to suit BDSM newcomers, as well as seasoned pro’s who want a travel-friendly whip for play away from home. Its lightweight, compact design makes it supremely easy to wield and store, while the faux leather loop gives you opportunity to proudly display your new bondage accessory. Use only the very tips of each frond to gently tickle and awaken your partner’s nerve endings and, when you’re ready, experiment with different whipping techniques to see what works for you. Depending on how fast and hard you play will influence the intensity and spread of sensation.

Okay so this is a really beautifully made flogger, although I am not new to flogging myself, I wish this had been around when I was.  The design really is something else it’s so delicate yet very sexy in style. It really is amazing quality. I have had many a flogger over the years and by far this one outdoes any others on appearance, this is one you will want on show hanging on your dungeon wall 😜

It’s got such a light delicate tickle which is really pleasant,  experienced flogger or not. 😁 this would not be intimidating at all if you are new to this and even for the experienced out there I actually advise you too to have a go. If you are an experienced flogger then you can get a bit of a whip out of it with the right technique.

If you are new to flogging  I recommend you just experiment with it, there is not really any right or wrong way,  It’s more enjoyable when you just go with it and do whatever comes to mind. These are great for teasing the more sensitive areas so play around and see what feels good.

Overall I highly recommend this product and give it a solid 5⭐️s. Don’t just take my word for it buy it and see for yourself, I also think the price tag on this is great, with such good quality your going to have this little flogger a very long time. 😁😁.

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