The Bumper, Thrust Buffer Review


The new Bumper, Thrust Buffer from Perfect Fit Brand

When I was contacted by one of the guys over at the Perfect Fit Brand, to review the Bumper I will admit to feeling intrigued. I had never heard of it, and to be honest I had no clue what I was looking at.

I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest unbiased review of the product. In no way has Perfect Fit brand influenced my opinion.

As always, I will start with the company’s product description.

Product Description

This hot new sex toy provides more “cushion for the pushin’” …literally.

Perfect Fit Brand has launched the Bumper™, the first-ever adult product that cushions deep thrusts during intercourse, providing an opportunity for more passionate sex without restraint.

Receiving Partners who express discomfort during intercourse with a partner may find pleasure in the Bumper™’s ability to make sex more enjoyable within their comfort zone. Penetrating Partners will still have the feeling of full insertion and intimate contact with their partner without having to hold back. For women, this also acts as a sexual health tool to lessen the chances of a bruised cervix.

The Bumper™ is a system of two parts: The Bumper™ Thrust Buffer™ and the Donut Buffer. Either one can be used independently or together to create a thick and protective cushion for when the thrusts get deep. Made of ultra-soft SilaSkin material, the Bumper™ is also irresistibly soft and comfortable.

The Bumper™ acts like a cushion between two partners to absorb some of the bumping and provide the sensation of maximum depth for the penis.

The Bumper™ fits around the penis and is held in place by the testicles. The Bumper™ is also designed to be adjustable so users can add more cushions–the Donut Buffers–to suit their depth requirement. Now sexual partners can try avoided positions with new confidence and pleasure.


First Impressions

The The Bumper arrived very quickly from America so delivery times were not an issue. The packaging is basic but given what the product is I wasn’t expecting anything too flashy with this one. On the box there are some instructions for use, the list of contents and a description of the product.

Guess what? there is even a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yes, that’s right the Perfect Fit Brand offer a one-year replacement guarantee which I feel is great to have, regardless of whether it is a sex product or not.

The product itself is nothing like I was expecting, it is softer and larger than you would think just by looking at the images. It’s made from super stretchy SilaSkin, – a blend of TPR and silicone. (More Info) Me and my other half were expecting it to be made from a harder material and both got a shock at just how soft the Bumper is. It’s also stretchy so you won’t need to worry about getting it on. I would describe the material as a bit like those silicone gel implants for your bra.


Using the Bumper

So now we have seen the packaging and are now aware of what the The Bumper looks and feels like we can get on with the good bit, the testing.

KD said it was easy to put on and although it felt slightly strange to begin with this disappeared quickly. Okay so I won’t lie he did look a little silly with the product on, It’s a bit like a giant cock ring of sorts.

So just how did it work?

Well basically the Bumper acts as a cushion between you and the wearer especially good for all those well-endowed guys out there. Yeah you know who you are.

There have been a few partners in my life that I wish had been wearing the Bumper let me tell you. You know the guys that have the kind of cock that makes your eyes water just to look at? The worry of him splitting you in half?

I always felt that those partners never really got full enjoyment out of sex, never truly being able to shift out of first gear and really go for it. For me, if they had went at it like some fiddlers elbow I am more than sure I wouldn’t have been able to walk for a week. The discomfort would have probably scared me off sex for life.

Let’s not forget that for those partners anal sex was not even on the menu. If my pussy wasn’t going to be able to take him them my ass was a red, no go zone.


So along comes the Bumper to change all that. KD is not exceptionally large and comes in just above average. For me his cock is perfect, it is like it was designed with me in mind. However, what I would say is that when we are going at it full throttle and he doesn’t hold back. Which by the way is 90% of the time given our preferred style, there is a discomfort afterwards. I get very bad cramps in my lower abdomen which I can probably put down to a little bruising internally.

Having sex with the Bumper was a little strange to begin with and it did reduce his length. We started by trying just the Thrust Buffer on its own without the Donut Buffer and this reduced his length by 4 cm, 1.5 inch. Adding the donut buffer would reduce this further by 2 cm, just under an inch.

The great thing that Perfect Fit Brand have manage to include is the possibility to add optional accessories. Those being additional donut buffers. So, if you feel this reduction is not enough this can be added to, until you find the Perfect Fit. Great right? Extra Donuts can be purchased HERE

For us the Bumper alone was great. I felt the difference straight away. He was giving it all he had, and I couldn’t feel the tip banging off my insides in the usual way. Don’t know how I just managed to make sex sound so awful but hey ho. Anyway, so there was none of the usual discomfort and I could really relax and enjoy myself.

KD said he felt that he didn’t need to worry or feel he was holding back in anyway. For him it felt like his whole length was inserted so the sensation for him was no different. He also felt that although not designed for this purpose, the Bumper held his balls in a good position so when he did really go for it they were not flapping all over the place and being a distraction. So not only was my cervix free from bruises so too was his balls. WIN WIN all round.

I wouldn’t have said it made sex any more enjoyable, but it was damn good to go full out and not have to worry about the consequences. I should express that we both felt that the benefits would be felt more on someone with a bigger cock size and their partner.

In some of the deeper positions we tried I felt that the top of the Bumper stopped any discomfort especially on my pubic bone region and was super happy to see the product work in that way. So, no more bruised pubic bone either. Its exactly as they describe it, a cushion for the pushin.

Over All 

We were really impressed with this product. Not only does it take the discomfort out of having penetrative sex with a larger cock, but it also reduces external pubic bone discomfort.

We both felt that the Bumper would make anal sex much more enjoyable especially for those who are new to it. Having the ability to reduce the cock size would make it easier for you to build up to the full length slowly. Not only that but it also allows for the wearer to feel less restricted in their movements. No more holding back or worrying about hurting your partner.

This product may look like a bit of a gimmick but once you get it on and try it out it really does what it says on the packet.

Reduced penetration depth

Cushions for intimacy

Never hold back again

We would recommend this product to anyone that finds sex a discomfort due to the length of their partners penis or to anyone who is scared or worried about having anal sex due to size issues.

This product is new and innovative and it’s even a nominee for the XBIZ awards 2018 under the Gay Sex Toy/Line of the Year category. We wish Perfect Fit Brand the best of luck in the awards and think The Bumper Thrust Buffer is a very deserving nominee.

It’s now on PRE-SALES at just $59.95 which we feel is great value for money. You can buy yours HERE available in two colours black and clear/white.

Happy Thrusting from the Oooh Review and Perfect Fit Brand

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