Utimi magic wand review


Utimi Magic Wand Review


Recently Utimi asked me if we would review this item for them. In no way have they influenced our opinion. We always give our very honest and unbiased opinion of every product we review.

As is usual for us we will start with the company product description.

Product description

Stronger, quieter and more powerful than ever before, move from a delicate flutter to wall-clawing turbo power with the simple slide of a finger. A popular massager, this vibrator’s wide head and flexible neck offers incredible sensations wherever you choose to use it —-your tired muscle, pain back, or sexual area (the clitoris, perineum, chest, anal) to add variety to your pleasure.


Product appearance

The Utimi magic wand comes very well packaged and is presented in a nice box with sliding lid. It’s a really large wand measuring 13.8” in length. Because it has a very long handle it would be great if you have shoulder or arm issues. This wand is a lot heavier than we were expecting. Don’t get your partner angry when they are wielding this or you may end up having more of a bondage session that you first imagined hehe. Even with it being a large product it could be kept in plain sight without anyone needing to know its real purpose. After all it is a body massager. It is a rechargeable wand so comes with a charger cable. This product has a European 2 prongs plug so you will need to buy an adaptor if you live in the UK like us. These are cheap enough to get hold of so shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, it would have been better had Utimi added a 3-prong option.


Ease of use

The actual interface of the Utimi magic wand is easy to use. It has three buttons a plus, minus and power button. You hold down the power button for a few seconds and this switches the wand on. With one short press of this power button it changes mode. This wand has seven modes to choose from. Then one short press of the plus and minus buttons either increases or decreases the speed and power of the vibrations. We found it to be extremely easy to use and operate.


Well you won’t be getting any complaints from us in this department, this wand goes from bone rattling to house shaking in powerful vibrations. It’s got to be the strongest wand I have used to date. Even on the lowest setting it has me climax within the minute. I have yet to get passed the first settings it’s that strong, hehe. That will not stop me trying thou. Even if you are having problems with lack of sensitivity in your clitoris this Utimi magic wand is going to get the job done.


Well what can I say about the pleasure, well as above this wand is extremely powerful, which in turn makes for a very pleasurable experience. As I mentioned this wand can have me Cumming within a minute I mean talk about a quickie. It also feels amazing on other parts of the body like the nipples. It’s a great product for getting you in the mood. Have a nice relaxing massage before moving onto the pleasure zones. I can’t praise this product enough when it comes to the pleasure it provides.

Quality and value for money

The Utimi magic wand retails at $45.99 which we think is great value for what you get. This wand is made to a very high standard so it’s going to last for a long time. With the pleasure and power combined you won’t be left feeling out of pocket. We think this would make for a great investment and well worth adding to your collection.


The Utimi magic wand is great value for money, so powerful it could blow your socks off, our only criticisms are that it had a 2 prong plug and is very noisy. I guess having a lot of power and large internal motor makes it almost impossible to be quiet. So, if you are treating yourself to a quickie be advised others may well hear.  Also, the size of this product determines that it’s not going to be portable, this is not a wand you are going to want to pop in your handbag or take when travelling. Overall though we recommend this product and rate it very highly.

If you want to get your hands on one you can buy it HERE, with fast and discreet shipping.

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