Velvet Touch Midi Wand

Velvet Touch Midi Wand Review


Bondara recently sent me the velvet touch midi wand free of charge in exchange for my review, they have not influenced my opinion on this item and as always this review is honest and unbiased.

This is Bondaras product description.

Product Description

the Velvet Touch Silicone Rechargeable Midi Wand Vibrator may be small but it is mighty. Exceedingly lighter and more discreet than its full-sized counterparts, this miniature wand is perfect for sneaking into your suitcase, bag and bedside drawer. Ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold, the buttons are always within easy reach for effortless control.

When you switch off your vibrating wand, memory recall means it remembers the last setting you were on, so you can always pick up where you left off. Quickly and conveniently bring it back to its full power using the USB rechargeable design.

•  Steady speeds, ripples and pulsations await with 12 vibration settings

•  Midi-sized wand is light, discreet and comfortable to hold

•  Memory recall remembers the last setting you were on

•  USB rechargeable – no more batteries!

•  Waterproof and made from silicone for a supremely smooth finish

First Impressions

The Velvet Touch Midi Wand from Bondara is small (6 inches) and lightweight, it fits nicely in your hand, straight away i can totally see why in Bondaras description it says it can easily fit in your bag to take it with you.

It’s made from silicone which gives it a really smooth finish, usually you find that this silicone only extends as far as the controls, but actually in this case the midi wand is fully silicone, other than a small part which is made from ABS plastic.

As you can see in the photo above the Velvet Touch Midi Wand has a super flexible head, it can pretty much bend back on itself which had me impressed. I really like wands that are flexible in some way as i mostly use wands during intercourse for clitoral stimulation, and like when my toys can be used without getting in the way too much.

The Velvet Touch Midi Wand comes with a USB charger so there is no need to be running out and buying batteries before you can take it for a road test, and from my own experience rechargeable toys usually have a lot more oomph.

From first impressions the Midi Wand seems to be made of good quality materials and looks like it will last through all the wear and tear of my sexual escapades.



The Velvet Touch Midi Wand is really easy to operate,it only has 2 buttons for control so has a very simple interface, with 12 vibration settings to choose from.

To operate the Midi Wand you first press the power button and a red light will come on to indicate that the wand is switched on and has power.

Pressing the zigzag button starts up the functions/settings and also cycles through them, unfortunately there is no back-button function on this toy and its only a one way cycle. There is however a great feature to this toy that makes up for that. This midi wand remembers the last setting that you had it on for the next time you use it. So when you switch on the wand again you can get right back to what you liked the last time. pretty nifty right?


A sex toy that remembers what i like,

what kind of sorcery is this?


To switch the midi wand off just press the power button.

That’s it for operating, like I say this is a very easy toy to operate and it wont have you scratching your head trying to figure it out. For this reason alone, I think it would make a great toy for beginners.



The Velvet Touch Midi Wand is a very buzzy toy, and by that i mean when placed on the tip of your nose it tickles, other toys that are rumbly don’t do this. I personally prefer toys which are rumbly as i feel they give me stronger, longer lasting orgasms.

The wand has 12 settings to choose from, so you would think with that amount of choice you can’t go wrong, well the problem i found was that a lot of these 12 settings are very similar so the variety was not quite as good as i was first expecting.

The velvet touch midi wand can definitely get the job done and quick too, however because its buzzy, it did feel a little strong to me and is not a toy i could use when trying to go for multiple orgasms, due to the fact it left me super sensitive. (something that buzzy toys do to me)

I loved the fact that especially during doggy position this toy with its flexible head didn’t get in the way, and in fact all the positions we tried the midi wand worked well with. The only downside to such a flexible head was having to apply a lot more pressure than i would normally, and after 30 mins of use i did end up with a sore wrist.

This Velvet Touch Midi Wand is also really pleasurable when used internally, just inserting the tip and playing around with the settings was for me, far more pleasurable than only using it to stimulate areas like my nipples and clitoris. I think this is purely down to the fact that i don’t have problems with buzzy toys internally. It was actually very pleasurable and I’m pretty sure that when using this toy in the future, it will be for internal use as opposed to clitoral stimulation.

The Velvet Touch Midi Wand is 100% waterproof so great for using in the bath or shower, if you read my blog you will know by now that this is a big deal for me, especially for solo play as this is the only time i get any privacy.

As far as solo play is concerned i really liked using this toy, more so as it acts as a quick fix. I love to self-pleasure and with restricted amount of time its good to know this midi wand can get me off in only a few mins if that.

I found that when this toy was fully charged, i was able to use it for around an hour before it started to lose juice, but was quick to charge up, with a charging time of around an hour, also the wand is not silent but it’s fairly quiet.

Over All

I really liked this little toy but was a little disappointed it was so buzzy, making it near impossible for me to have multiple orgasms.

waterproof and made of soft silicone

Great for couples or solo play, with a super flexible head for ease of use.

12 settings, but they are all very similar.

Charges in around 1 hr and holds a charge for about the same amount of time.

You can buy the Velvet Touch Midi Wand from Bondara for only £31.99 which in my opinion is really good value for money, taking into account that its well-made, rechargeable and also has a really cool built-in feature where it stores your previous setting for future use. Bondara currently has this wand on a BOGOHP deal.

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