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How watching your partner masturbate can be a huge turn on



Having had a few people ask me about watching your partner masturbate I decided to write an article on the subject.

I love watching my husband masturbate it’s such a turn on for me, and upon asking him if he got turned on watching me pleasure myself he too felt it was a huge turn on for him. We both agree, that it is one part of our sexual relationship that we wouldn’t go without. Its strengthened our sex life and has helped my husband with a problem he has lived with for quite some time.

He has always felt awkward when it comes to self-pleasuring so has avoided it for most of his life. Me being the sex addict that I am, I don’t have a problem pleasuring myself and will do so whenever the mood takes me. I wrote another article all about it you can read this here if you wish Solo masturbation in a married world. So, having him masturbate in front of me was a goal I was pleased to achieve.

Now from time to time especially when I am on my period, we masturbate together, I find this is a good way for me to feel more comfortable. I am not exactly a fan of sex on my period with the mess that goes along with it, but this is a great compromise for me.

I love watching my husband get off and even more so when I know he is watching me playing with myself too. To know that just watching me is helping him get off. Even if it is hard for me to keep my hands to myself. Usually we time it so that we both climax at the same time and we love the fact that we can have better control over this whilst pleasuring ourselves.

I’ve even had people ask me if they are weird for getting turned on at watching their partner pleasure themselves. Well if your weird for doing it then I am too. I can’t see why anyone would think it was weird. I mean we all get turned on at porn and a lot of porn that I watch they will be pleasuring themselves at some point. In fact, that’s probably the best part, well in my opinion. Then again, I am not a huge fan of porn in the first place as I find it all a bit too fake.

So, watching my partner get himself off is hot for me and I would imagine many other people if not all. I mean this is the person you are attracted to and you are watching them experiencing pleasure unlike any other.

Even if I’m not really feeling in the mood my husband will get his cock out and start playing away and he knows within minutes I am going to want to join in or help him out. So, it has the bonus of getting me turned on enough to feel like sex.

I always like my husband to masturbate when he is playing with me too, I love it when he gets up on his knees and plays with himself whilst his fingers caress my insides. I can guarantee this is sure fire way to make me wet and ready to receive him.

I am happy that we have incorporated this especially in foreplay it’s a great way to get us both ready for action. Anyone who is not giving this a try should definitely give it a go.



A great way to bring it into your sexual relationship is during role play. I love getting all dressed up and sprawling myself out on the bed. I can play with myself and make him watch me. He is not allowed to touch me in anyway just watch. I know this gets him going, the fact that he can’t join in and touch me means he gets really frustrated but not in a bad way. Once I finally give him permission he just wants to ravage me. Which in turn means it’s going to lead to rough, passionate sex. Never a bad thing hehe.

If watching your partner masturbate and being turned on makes me weird, then I am weird. That’s not going to stop me or my husband. We both agree that this is something we don’t plan on giving up anytime soon.

Give it a try and see what it can bring to your relationship.

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