Wicked Game Magic Wand Review


Wicked Game Magic Wand Review From So Divine


When So Divine asked me to review some of their product range I was delighted, having seen the So Divine brand floating around on my social media I had always liked the look and style of their products and was happy to get my hands on such delights.

So divine gave me the Wicked Game magic wand free of charge in exchange for my honest unbiased review. They have not influenced my review in anyway.

I will start as always with the company product description


Product Description

Shhhh! Can you keep a secret? Magic Wand is a powerful, dual-motor vibrator that adds pizazz to your passion sending you skywards with its three speed options and seven pulsating patterns. If you want to keep this delicious discovery all to yourself, no problem! Magic Wand is the strong but quiet type that’s easy to charge up and is discreet too, so you can get fired up without any fuss.


  • Double ended with separate controls for each head
  • Powerful dual motor channels vibrations to external areas for massage, foreplay and solo play • Quiet motor for discreet use.
  • 10 vibration modes – 3 speed options + 7 pulsating patterns
  • 100% safe and phthalate-free full-silicone material
  • 100% waterproof – a fun addition to the bath or shower
  • USB + magnetic rechargeable •2 hours user time


First Impressions

The Wicked Game magic wand arrived quickly and in discreet packaging.

Okay so I must admit to being a bit of a fan when it comes to So Divine and their products. For me not only do they stand out from their competitors by adding cool features to their toys but their packaging and presentation of their products for me is right up there with the best.

Many of my other wands are heavy so this one was surprisingly light. It’s a nice shape and fits in your hand comfortably. The wand itself is a lovely purple colour and very streamline in its appearance.

It’s made from 100% safe and phthalate-free full silicone material and feels soft to the touch although it is firm and not soft and pliable. There is some movement in the bulbed end of the product that I did find very useful when in use.


First impressions of the Wicked Game magic wand where positive and I was keen to get going and try this one out.


The Wicked Game magic wand was very easy to operate, I know a lot of toys can get a bit confusing but with this one that is not the case.


It has 3 buttons as shown in the image above. The middle button is the power ON button, just hold this down for a few seconds and a blue light will come on to indicate the toy is switched ON.

Pressing the other 2 buttons will cycle the product through all settings.

This wand is slightly different in that both ends of the toy can be used. The fatter bulbus end of the toy can be operated by pressing the upper button on the product, each time you press this is will cycle through the 7 available settings.

Pressing the lower button will activate the 7 available settings in the smaller end of the wand or insertable end as I call it.

Both ends of the product do NOT work simultaneously, only one end works at a time. I didn’t feel that this was a problem for me as I had no need for them to both work at the same time.



The Wicked Game wand is rechargeable, doesn’t take that long to charge and seems to hold the charge very well. I wouldn’t say that the wand is completely silent, but I have yet to find a toy that is. It’s not going to wake the neighbours or the kids so that’s silent enough for me.


Okay so this is where I might go off a bit, hehe.

First off, I really LOVE this toy, I feel like I say that just now to almost everything I give a try, and whilst I’m not complaining I am finding it hard to now have a favourite. The Wicked Game magic wand is now one of my favourites. It’s one I will go back to time and time again especially for solo play.

As with all my new toys I like to first try them along with my usual sex sessions and not to make the product too much of a distraction, so first-time use is usually just having a little play then moving swiftly on. Well I didn’t want to move swiftly along with this one and even if I did I couldn’t have. Within a few minutes of casual play my clit had succumbed to its charms. I was moaning so much that I’m sure KD felt that to remove it would mean sure death. What?  well it is called the Wicked Game. hehe.

Second time around I gave the Wicked Game centre stage this was the real deal, this time the product didn’t have to compete with KD’s strong tongue or experienced moves. It could shine brightly as it should.

Honestly the fact this this wand has two ends really does make it stand out from others. Being able to switch up from penetration to just clitoral stimulation was great for edging and something that we both enjoyed playing around with.

KD was thrilled with this feature, like he says most wands as fun as they are don’t allow him to have too much of a part to play. He can get bored by just holding it in place and really is more of a vibe holder than a contributor. Knowing my love of wands, he was delighted to find one that meant he could get stuck in.

The insertable end feels nice, it’s a little hard, if you are one of those people that like soft vibrators, then this may not be for you, however as much as I am more of a softer gal myself this was okay for me and I found it very enjoyable after it was interested.

The rumble vibrations this wand has are great, it has 3 speed options to choose from. I found that the lowest setting was still strong enough to make me orgasm, but the highest speed setting basically makes me climax within a minute.

We both enjoyed the Wicked Game magic wand, we felt that it was a great couples toy as well as solo toy which is not all that easy to find. It felt great on other areas too like my nipples. When I used it during doggie position for clitoral stimulation, KD said he loved the vibrations that he could feel on his balls. So that was a nice little bonus.

As the product is waterproof I even found a use for it in the bath and let me tell you my bath times just got a lot wetter. It’s a lot of slippy fun.


Over All

A fantastic product from So Divine, the ability to have the power of your usual wand but with an insertable end which really does amp up the pleasure of this product. Great for couples play and solo play. Long battery life. Strong rumble vibrations. Waterproof and super easy to clean.

You can buy your own Wicked Game magic wand from So Divine HERE for £54.99 which we feel is really good value given its double ended features. At the time of writing this review So Divine are offering you a free bullet with each purchase.


I am not an expert, always seek professional help where applicable. The opinions on this post are my own, this post has been written from my personal experience or knowledge. I do not take any responsibility if my advice or the products I recommend don’t work for you. Everyone is different therefore it is impossible for me to know if the product or advice I give will suit your needs. These are just my personal experiences and accounts, and are intended to be used only as a reference. Some of the products I test are made from porous (non- body safe materials). To check if a product is safe please see HERE


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